Join us as we begin the adventure of a lifetime...

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The Wedding

February 11, 2023

Banff, Alberta, Canada



1 pm MT

St. George's In the Pines

100 Beaver St

Banff, AB T1L 1A4



5 pm MT

Fairmont Banff Springs

405 Spray Ave

Banff, AB T1L 1J4


Attire: Black Tie Optional

optional Events


Welcome Gathering

Friday, February 10th

Farewell Brunch

Sunday, February 12th


Precise agenda to be updated as we get closer to the event - stay tuned for updates!


Getting There



Fairmont Banff Springs

Our wedding will be at the magical & historic Fairmont Banff Springs.  

As one option for guests, we've secured a discounted rate for hotel rooms at the Fairmont for our guests. We don't have a hotel block, so while it is a large hotel, we'd recommend reserving hotel rooms as soon as you're comfortable. Word of fine print caution: Note that the rooms are non-refundable with the wedding rate.

Please click here to reserve hotel rooms, using code "PWED". 

PS: There's another beautiful Fairmont property an hour away at Lake Louise. Don't mistake the two (although that is a stunning property so you'll have great views... but a long drive to the wedding!)



Elk & Avenue Block

In addition to the Fairmont code, we also have a hotel block at Elk & Avenue in downtown Banff. It's about a 10 minute walk to our Church and we'll have a shuttle from the reception back to Elk & Avenue. There is also a local bus that stops right outside Elk & Avenue and runs to the Fairmont. 

Elk + Avenue Hotel

Booking Code:  #2470904

Arrival: February 10, 2023

Departure: February 12, 2023

Rate: $159.20

Cut off for special rate: 30 days prior to arrival – January 13, 2023


To receive the group discount, guests must call reservations at 1-877-442-2623 and quote the group code corresponding to the hotel requested – Elk + Avenue :  #2470904.   Please note that hotel room reservations must be made by phone, the group discount cannot be applied to reservations made online.

We don't have any requirement with the Fairmont, so please feel free to pick any hotel that you like best. 



Get your passports ready! Join us for an adventure as we start our new adventure together! 

​Where to fly into: 

Calgary (YYC) is the closest airport. Expect to go through immigration, customs, and any needed COVID testing once you land. As of August '22, the entry testing for vaccinated passengers has been removed, but they are still doing random testing, even for vaccinated passengers. We're hopeful that will change, but we all know how unpredictable that can be! Check out the FAQ below for more details on Canadian entry. 

When we went to Banff in August, it took us about 30 minutes from getting off the plane to getting through immigration and into our rental car - though we didn't check bags. Immigration was very straight forward and easy coming from the US. 




Getting from the airport to the venue:

There are a few options, but we'd recommend taking the airport shuttle to the hotel. Between winter weather and the hassle of getting a car, the shuttle will probably be easier, particularly if you're just coming in for the wedding. In the coming weeks, we'll share some recommendations on the best shuttle to take.​

The shuttle is about $70 CAD each way per person. It drops off at both the Fairmont & Elk and Avenue, as well as many other local hotels. 


We will have free transportation from the hotel to the church and back the day of the ceremony. There is also a local bus from the hotel if you want to explore Banff and the surrounding area.


Check out more logistical tips here - and don't hesitate to text either of us if you have questions planning your tip. 


FAQs & Suggestions


What do I need to get into Canada?

We expect that this will change often! Sign up for email alerts from us to stay up to date with changes and keep an eye on the official government websites. 

This website walks through all the steps you'll go through upon landing in Canada, but here are a few highlights and tips as of August '22: 

  1. Make sure your passport won't expire within 6 months of travel. If it will, renew your passport ASAP

  2. Download the ArriveCAN app (or go to their website) to submit your vaccination (use of ArriveCAN is mandatory - We flew Delta into Calgary in August and Delta directed us to the app during the flight check-in process)

  3. Upload your proof of vaccination ready. Your US COVID vaccine card should be OK, but learn more here about accepted forms. 

  4. You'll go through immigrations & customs upon arrival. You can download the CanBorder app to speed up this process. 

  5. As of Feb '22, they will no longer be testing all visitors upon landing in Canada, but they will randomly test travelers. Travelers don't need to quarantine while waiting for test results, but would need to quarantine for 14 days if the test comes back positive. 

As of August '22, all travelers must show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to enter Canada. Fully vaccinated is defined as 2 doses of an approved vaccine, with the second dose at least 14 days prior to entry. Note: recovery from COVID-19 does not count qualify.


No visas are needed for visitors from the US, Ireland, England or Australia. You will need an up-to-date passport, though!


Need to update a US passport? Click here to learn how! The process is backed up right now during COVID (as long as 18 weeks at one point!), so if your passport will be expiring within 6 months of our wedding, we'd suggest starting the process now. 

What's the weather going to be like?

Cold! The average high is 32 F and the average low is 13 F. Bring a jacket! That said, our events are all inside and we'll have plenty of hot cocoa (or Hot Toddies depending on your preference) to warm you up. For family portraits, we may take these outside - as quickly as possible.  

On average, it snows 8.5 days in February and averages 8 inches/snowfall. We may (we hope!) get snow on the day. We will have a shuttle that goes from the hotel to the venue. If it's so bad that we can't get to the venue... we'll update you live! 

What are the COVID precautions?

As of August '22, all travelers must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter Canada. If Canada closes their borders ahead of the wedding... well... we'll let you know the plan B. :) Make sure you sign up for email alerts so we can keep you posted with last minute updates.

Are children welcome?


We won't have child care available, but children are absolutely welcome to come to the ceremony & reception.


What exactly is black tie optional?! 


Your favorite fancy clothes - whatever will make you feel as beautiful as possible! Feeling stuck after 3 years of a pandemic and wanting to dress up? Feel free to rock a tux or gown. The venue will suit it - it is a castle in the mountains, after all! Prefer to wear a suit or cocktail dress? Please do! You'll look gorgeous in that!

Why Banff?

Travel and exploring nature (particularly mountains) is something we both cherish which is why we picked the beautiful location of Banff. We're excited for you to join us as the serenity and awe of the natural scenery set the tone for our celebration of our relationship. Our goal is that the coziness of the venue enables intentional connection, taking a few days away from the hustle of everyday life to reconnect with friends & family.  


We are so excited to celebrate this milestone in our lives with friends and family, but we understand that traveling to Canada for a wedding is a big commitment and might not make sense for everyone. Please know that while we would love for you to join us, we absolutely understand if it's not the right choice for you right now. No hard feelings!


If you're unable to join us, we invite you to join the livestream of our ceremony if you'd like. As we get closer to the wedding, we'll send out the link to view the ceremony.   

Image by Corey Tran

Things to Do in Banff


Banff is in Canada's oldest national park and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. The nature is why we came here and the views are truly stunning. For a quick trip, go up the gondola that's about 10 minutes from the hotel to see the entire valley.


Great skiing is only 30 minutes away from the hotel!


SkiBig3 can hook you up with lift tickets and rentals. Check out their guide to local skiing here.

Winter fun

Will & I lived in Minnesota, so we promise that with the right friends (and clothes), the winter is a great time to get outdoors! 

From ice skating at the hotel to local dogsledding & sleighrides, there are countless ways to live our your winter dreams.

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Our Story

We met at Harvard Business School where we were in the same cohort in the Fall of 2017. A close friendship blossomed into love as we traveled and adventured across the world.


Our life has already taken us from Boston to Minneapolis to Kentucky and now Chicago. Together, we've scaled the Patagonian mountains and dove to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. We've traveled across the world to meet in Hong Kong. We've harvested thousands of pounds of grain and built a hydroponic greenhouse together. 


If nothing else, the last two years have taught us that nothing is for granted and life is uncertain. But, we know that whatever the future brings, the one thing we know for sure is that it will be an adventure. 

We're so excited to begin that adventure with you in beautiful Banff, Canada. 


Learning how to harvest!
Learning how to harvest!

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Planting our future together
Planting our future together

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Learning how to harvest!
Learning how to harvest!

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Will we see you there?

February 11, 2023


Formal invitations to follow. You're welcome to return RSVPs online or via the formal invitations later this year. 

Banff, Alberta, Canada

Stay in touch!

The one thing we've learned from the past year is that things can change quickly! We'll be updating the website if anything changes due to COVID, weather, etc - but you can sign up below for emails so you don't miss anything. We'll also be using this for last minute updates (in case a big blizzard comes in and changes things day of!).