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Let's talk Logistics!

We're so excited that everyone will be coming from near and far to  celebrate with us. Here are the major details to make your winter adventure to Banff as easy as possible - but don't hesitate to text either us of with an questions!


Popular flights & Plans

We have a few groups of people coming from similar areas. Here are a few flights people are beginning to congregate around. Party plane, anyone?


  • Departing:

    • Friday. Feb 10: Direct Air Canada @ 6:30 am ET from EWR, arrives 9:41 am

Example Itinerary

To give you an idea of timings, here are a few example trips that you could take around the wedding. Use your own judgement, but hopefully this helps give you an idea!

Arriving Example Friday, Feb 10:

  • 6:30 am ET - Direct Air Canada flight out of EWR

  • 9:30 am MT - Land in Calgary

  • 10:15 am - Through immigration & waiting on bags

  • 11 am - Catch shuttle to Banff

  • 12:30 pm - Arrive in Banff

  • Chill, explore during the day and meet us at the bar in the evening!

Departing Example Sunday, Feb 12:

  • 10 am MT - Catch shuttle - skipping brunch

  • 11:55 am - Arrive at airport to clear customs & go through security

  • 2:55 pm - Depart Calgary

Departing Example Monday, Feb 13:

  • Catch shuttle


should i get a rental car?

Totally up to you! A few things to keep in mind:

  • How is your winter driving ability? Like realllll winter driving? This is the Canadian Rockies in February. Big snow storms are definitely a possibility! Luckily, the highway from Calgary doesn't go over any major mountain passes (ala the drive to Lake Tahoe), but snow covered roads are definitely a possibility. If that makes you nervous, grab the bus - you'll be safe & cozy!

  • How much other site seeing do you want to do? There are buses from Banff if you want to see Lake Louise and explore without a car too. 

  • Do you want to pay for parking at Fairmont? No car means no parking charge or park pass! :D

  • There's no Uber in Banff. There are some taxis, but they're not super reliable. There is a great bus from downtown Banff to the Fairmont. We'll have shuttles the day and night of the wedding. 

Car free for me! How do I get the shuttle?


Cool! You'll want to reserve these in advance. At the minimum, you'll need to do it 90 minutes before you depart.

  • Banff Airporter: Runs roughly once an hour from 10 am MT to 10:30 pm MT. $CAD 78 for one adult one way or $CAD 156 round trip.

  • Brewster Express: Also runs roughly once an hour from 9:30 am MT to 10 pm MT. Fun fact - this company used to run stagecoach tours to the Fairmont in the 1800s. $CAD79 for an adult one way.

  • Banff Sedan: If you arrive outside the normal shuttle times - or just want to be fancier - this is another option! 

Screenshot 2022-09-05 132619.png

Buses around Banff
Roam Transit

There are local buses that run both into Banff and Lake Louise. Route 2 runs to and from the Fairmont to downtown Banff. Bonus: the buses are wrapped in adorable animal photos!

Check out the schedule here. Tickets are free for Fairmont guests for the routes around town! You can also get tickets at the kiosks throughout town or download the Token Transit app!

parking at the fairmont

There's a 3 story covered garage at the Fairmont, but parking is not included in the hotel rate. 

  • Self-parking: $32 CAD/night, with unlimited access


Banff park passes

Everyone who comes to Banff via car is supposed to get a Park Pass to support the conservation of the beautiful National Park. Even if you're not hiking. The pass is $CAD 10.50 per adult per day.

FYI: If you're just staying at the hotels, taking buses around town, and not exploring too much of the park (like Lake Louise), it's unlikely if you'll be asked for it. Do with that information what you will. :)


  • Arriving by rental car: You can stop at the toll booths on the highway when you enter the park (you can't miss it) to get the park pass. You can grab one online here (make sure you leave 2-4 for mailing it to you) or at the information center in downtown Banff. 

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