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Time to Party!

The day is right around the corner! Here are the details you need for the weekend.

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Friday, Feb 10th

Get cozy and settled into Banff!

Welcome dinner

  • 6 pm 

  • Bluebird Restaurant: 218 Lynx St, Banff, AB T1L 1A1, Canada

Everyone is invited to join us for a cozy dinner at Bluebird to kick off the weekend. We'll be serving a family style dinner and many laughs. Our hope is that you'll reconnect with old friends & meet new ones as our families come together for the weekend. 

Getting there:

  • We will have shuttles running from the Fairmont starting at about 5:30 pm (precise timing will be confirmed closer to the event)

Getting home:

  • We will also have shuttles running to the Fairmont, starting at about 9 pm


  • Bridal party will be in cocktail from the rehearsal

  • Feel free to start with smart casual (ie: a sweater and nice jeans) and be as extra as you'd like

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Saturday, Feb 11th

Going to the chapel and we're going to get married!


  • 12 PM - Shuttles From Fairmont: 

    • Shuttles will begin around 12 pm (precise timing to be confirmed). We will need several rounds of trips​

    • From Elk & Avenue:​

      • It's about a 10 minute walk to the Church​

  • 1 PM - Ceremony begins! Note: We kindly ask that you unplug during the ceremony, put down your phones, and gift us your presence. We promise we'll share the photos!​​

  • 2 PM - Returning to Fairmont:​

    • We will run shuttles after the ceremony. We'll have to do a few rounds, so it might take about 40 to get everyone back. The Church will stay open to make sure everyone stays in out of the cold while you wait for the shuttle. ​

Pictures & killing time

  • 4:30 PM - Extended family photos will take place inside the Fairmont. We'll confirm location & timing as we get closer. If you're at all related to Bridget & Will (or dating someone who is), plan to be around for some photos at 4:30 PM 

  • The Rundle Bar at the Fairmont is great to kill the time in between the ceremony and reception!


  • 5 PM - Cocktail hour begins

  • 6 PM - Dinner begins

The reception will end at midnight (with some late night snacks thrown in!), with the option of continuing the fun at the Rundle Bar which is open until 1 AM. 

Getting home:

  • 11:50 PM - Shuttles to Elk and Avenue start 

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Sunday, Feb 12th

Recover, reconnect & recharge

Farewell Brunch

  • 10 am

  • Fairmont Banff Springs, Ivor Petrak Room

Everyone is invited to join us for a cozy brunch to rehash the night & recover. 

We'll share a map of the hotel as we get closer. We won't have shuttles running that morning from Elk & Avenue, but the bus picks up right outside Elk & Avenue to come to the Fairmont. Use one of the bus passes in your welcome bag!

Take the 9:29 am or 9:52 am buses on Route 2 to Banff Springs - here's the schedule.


We'll watch it somewhere! Some ideas thrown out so far are St. James' Gate downtown. Stay tuned! 

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Buses around Banff
Roam Transit

As another option to our shuttles, there are local buses that run both into Banff and Lake Louise. Route 2 runs to and from the Fairmont to downtown Banff. Bonus: the buses are wrapped in adorable animal photos!

The Elk Street Transit Hub is the closest to Elk & Avenue. Downtown Buffalo East is closest to the church. Downtown Wolf West is closest to Bluebird. In truth though, they're all within 10 minutes walk of each other. 

Check out the schedule here. Tickets are free for Fairmont guests for the routes around town! We will have some passes in the welcome bags. You can also get tickets at the kiosks throughout town or download the Token Transit app!

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